Summer Academy 2017 

The 5-week program focuses on Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math hoping to empower and enrich immigrant children, Preschool through 9th grade.  The children are from communities in the Skagit Valley.

  • When: June 26 – July 27, 4 days per week, 7:45 am – 1:15 pm


  • We need volunteers for each week:
  • Classroom Aides
  • Kitchen Help
  • Field Trips, Crafts, Books, Assessment
  • Driver
  • Camp Nurse
  • Administration
  •     Photographer/Videographer


  • We need Financial Support. Please consider an ongoing donation to the work of FAE in the immigrant community


  • This is a time of great fear and uncertainty

Our Latino families need strong allies in the present political climate.  Their children live in fear that friends and family could disappear from them suddenly. These are the children who come to our Summer Academy.  Please pray for them and the safety of their families!

Down low the application and call us (360) 421 7607 fae volunter apilcation


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